Funding and awards

Funding and awards



The training in Cycle Expert-MBA can be taken care of through an individual study leave (CIF), an individual right to training (DIF) or a company-specific training plan (OPCA).


The financial institutions offer students funding solutions for up to 100% of school fees. Our partner, the agency LCL Courbevoie Victor Hugo, offers students from SMS a personalised quotation.

80 euros are given for any account opening in the agency Courbevoie.

Rate of 0,90% for a student loan (possibility of a discount of 0,10%, therefore 0,80%, if the students’ parents are customers of LCL).

The 1-euro credit card LCL ISIS MasterCard for 2 years

The 1-euro house insurance for the first year

For any information, please contact: Mr Younes AFIA, Director of the Agency LCL Coeur Défense 100 Esplanade Général de Gaulle – Tour B – 92400 Courbevoie Phone: Mail:


The students that fill certain criteria can benefit from corporate scholarships financed by our endowment fund SMS Philanthropy Development.